Europe on Film: Allie of Petal + Plume

looking through Allie’s photos on her blog petal + plume, it feels like another era–looking through old film photos found in a parent’s photo album from their travels in Europe. These vintage-style photographs are beautiful, so we were super excited when Allie decided to share her work with us–as well as tell us why she chooses to shoot film. 

what film do you use?

always either Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400, or Kodak Porta 400.

why do you shoot film? 

I have always been nostalgic for bygone eras,
and film helps me somehow connect with the simplicity of days gone by.
When I load my camera with film, I know I only have about 24 captures,
and I have to make them count. Film photography is a slow art: I am
careful and meticulous when it comes to lighting and colour and
arrangement. When I am traveling, shooting film helps me to slow my
pace, and revel in the beauty before me. Shooting film also teaches me
to be patient and gracious with myself, because I often don’t get it
all right. Sometimes beauty comes from my errors, and that is my
favorite kind of mistake. When it comes to the art of film, I am
forever a learner, and I am very content to be.

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