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It’s Personal: The Analogue Photography of Ania Margoszczyn

Ania Margoszczyn is a photographer based in Gdańsk, Poland. By day she shoots weddings with a digital DLSR, but she captures her personal life in film. We chatted with her about the imperfections + waiting that come with shooting 24 or 36 exposures at a time. 

what film do you use?

Right now I use Fujicolor c200, I’m quite happy with it, but I must admit I don’t pay that much attention to the films I use. I’ve tried more professional ones, but always went back to the cheaper ones – especially when I travel and take lots of analogue pictures.

what cameras do you use?

I use Nikon FE2, almost always with a 28mm lens.

why shoot film?

There is something special about film, I can’t explain it. I shoot a lot of digital nowadays, for my professional work, but my personal photos have to be analogue, they have a different feeling and I love their imperfections and the whole process around them – waiting, developing, scanning the films.

Check out Anna’s blog, facebook page or instagram. 

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