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Wide Open Spaces | The Photography of Dora Kontha

Dora Kontha is a photographer who focuses on the Nordic Landscape–empty, desolate landscapes that are harsh yet incredibly beautiful. We caught up with her to chat about her work + process.

What film and cameras do you use? 

Canon Rebel and Yashica MG1 with various expired 35mm film.

Why shoot film? How did you start shooting film? 

It all begun when, a few years ago, I put my hands on my grandma’s old Praktika. I still remember how fascinated was I by the mechanism of that camera and the whole process of developing film. My enthusiasm and excitement are still as high now as years before, when I am taking a photograph.

Your website bio says that you specialize in ‘wide open spaces, rough nature, and undiscovered Nordic landscapes’. What draws you to this subject? What do you love about Nordic landscapes?

Nordic landscapes, undiscovered spots, deserted places, and wild nature are the main subjects of my photographs. I find tranquility in mountains, the ocean, fjords, national parks, lava fields, and in rough nature in general, so for me it comes natural to immortalize these unusual forms in my work. By preserving these moments, my aim is to observe the essence of what I experience in my surroundings and this is also my way of holding on to these special places.
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    October 22, 2017 at 4:32 am

    Gorgeous photographs, love! <3

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