Summertime in Berlin with Felix Machleid

We’re a big fan of Felix Machleid’s analogue work–in particular, his summerly snaps of Berlin–so we were psyched when he agreed to share some photos + answer a couple of questions with us. 

What camera do you use? Film?

I use a Minolta X-700. A few years ago I found the camera in my parents closet–they then gave to me as a present for my birthday. My favorite film at the moment is the Fuji Superia 200, but I also like to shoot with cheap drugstore film.

Why shoot film?

I admire the distinctive look and quality of film. Before shooting film, I often tried to imitate the particular ton and vintage softness of film in digital photography, but quickly realized that no production filter can duplicate the unique look of film.

To me, analogue photography is more personal, honest, and somehow dreamlike. Compared to digital photography, it just conveys more feeling, I think.

Follow Felix on flickr, or visit his website. 


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