California Dreaming with Jenna Keith

We are seriously, seriously in love with Jenna Keith’s California–warm sunsets, flowers, beaches, and youthful adventures. We were lucky enough to chat with Jenna about her photos + her process. 

What film do you use? Camera? 

Film: usually Kodak Gold 200 or 400 or Fuji Superia X-tra 200 or 400! Nothing too fancy, just whatever I pick up at the camera store. But I’ve also shot some Lomo 400 film, some expired film, and some slide film that I cross-processed.

Cameras: Minolta XG-M and Nikon FE2, both with a 50mm lens

Why shoot film?
A lot of people have asked me why I prefer film over digital, and it’s not a matter of which is better, because they both have advantages and disadvantages.
Personally, I like film because of how it captures color, which in a lot of cases is better than digital. I also like that you can mess with the outcome of your photos by intentionally shooting at the wrong settings or doing double exposures or by soaking your film in different liquids. (I’ve soaked film in rubbing alcohol and tea so far, and I have a roll that was soaked in pomegranate soda drying right now!)
I also like how raw and real film is compared to edited digital photos– I never edit my film photos.
Check out more of Jenna’s work on her tumblr. 

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