Kasia Górska’s Five Reasons to Shoot Film

We love Kasia Górska’s beautiful analogue shots of elegant European cities–this week, we chatted with Kasia about her work, and she gave us five excellent reasons to document your travels with film. Check it out! 

1. Light depiction. You will be amazed at how your camera reacts to light. Film photography possesses this incredible depth that digital lacks. And from time to time, your photograph gets this amazing lightleak, that completely turns your concept around.

2. You never know what you’re going to get. Analog is exciting. Sometimes it takes days between taking the shot and developing the film. There is a variety of films available with so many different effects. And how those effects (chemicals) react with the world around you, stays a mistery until you get the film developed.

3. Focusing is way more intuitive. I was never able to produce such depth in my photographs with digital cameras. Find a good lens – and you will get some fantastic bokeh in the background. My personal favourite M42 lens is Helios 44-2.

4. Satisfaction when you get it right. To produce a sharp analog photograph, lots of factors must click together. You’re not just clicking the shutter. You’re setting the ISO manually, you’re focusing. You need to check the lightning conditions and take those into consideration. You are way more responsible for the photograph you are taking, and this is truly beautiful.

5. Preserving memories in the most remarkable way. My friends say that they are glad I found my hobby in photography, because of it we’re going to have our days documented and one day we will be able to look back at everything that happened to us, when we were young and restless and lived to the fullest.

Analog has many sides, and is able to bring joy into my life during the darkest of days.

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