Inside Kiki Li’s Magical Analogue World

Kiki Li’s Hong Kong is one of quiet moments, surreal portraits, and scenes of longing and contemplation. Every photograph tells a different story, leaving the viewer with more questions than answers. We talked to Kiki about her process and why she shoots film. 

what film do you use? 

There is no film I always stick to. But generally I use Kodak and Fujifilm the most.

what cameras do you use?

I currently use Olympus OM-1 the most with Olympus XA-1 and Pen F as my side cameras.
why shoot film? 

The aesthetic of film photo, which I like a lot, is irreplaceable. The process of shooting film feels more real than shooting digital to me. The unexpected and limitation of shooting film is sometimes discouraging but enchanting at the same time.
For more beautiful photos, follow Kiki on instagram or read her blog. 

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