The Magic of Film with Ruth McMillan

what camera do you use?

I have three film cameras which I switch between, a Pentax, a Kodak and a Mju, but I usually just take one at a time in my bag/pocket


I use Kodak and Agfa films, usually Iso 200 and 400
why do you shoot film?

Because it’s magical, and there’s a charm in it’s uncertainty and delicacy. I love the whole process of it – like loading the film carefully, making each shot count, the excitement and butterflies of waiting to get the negs back from processing.

how did you start shooting film?

I used to shoot digital for a short time, but it didn’t feel right, I didn’t feel much connection with it, it didn’t feel meaningful or raw enough for me. A couple of friends were experimenting with Lomo cameras and I became very intrigued so I bought a Holga and experimented with it for a few months, then I moved on and bought my first 35mm point and shoot which was a cheap Kodak camera which I fell in love with and which helped me define my own photographic style. I even have a tattoo of this camera on my arm.

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