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August | A Season of Transition

Summer is traditionally a time marked by transience, from youth onward. As soon as the school year ends, you’re off on new adventures of your own choosing – your backyard, a friend’s house, a family vacation. As you grow older the adventures change; you have part time jobs or internships, a license with which you can take yourself far away. Even into your 20s, summer is a time of transition. You live in cheap apartment after cheap apartment with leases ending during the season of sunshine and you have to keep moving, adding and shedding furniture and belongings every time, finding new roommates and keeping the good ones.

It’s easy to lose your head in the transition, to look ahead to what’s coming up next when you’re done with the frantic movement. It’s easy to say, “Once [insert problem here] is over, I can finally relax.” And slowly, week by week, season by season, summer by summer, you find yourself wishing your life away, constantly looking on to the next good thing. But now, August is halfway over and summer is almost (maybe?) gone. In these final few weeks of the season – whatever season of life you’re in – it’s best to take a few moments and just breathe. Make space to enjoy where you are now, revel in these final summer memories. Take a good look around at where you are, right in this moment, because time passes far too quickly to let yourself wish your time away.


Kate is the snapshots editor of Atlas Addict. Catch her on instagram @bluejacketgirl.

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