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August | Moving and Shaking [Things Up]

If you read back through our editors’ columns, you’ll notice one very noticeable theme that weaves through all of our lives–moving. 

This summer alone, Kate moved to D.C., Alysha moved back to Phoenix, Devinne will soon be moving to Spain…and I moved across town. I know, I know, not the same thing, but–hear me out.

Being in your twenties, especially your early twenties, equates to moving a lot. It means roommates and crappy apartments, Ikea trips and hauling furniture that you got for free on a curb out to your curb, for some other broke 20 something girl or guy to grab and haul back to their crappy apartment.

Sometimes, that new crappy apartment is in a new city, where you’ve moved to take a job [or internship] that doesn’t pay much–sometimes, it’s in a new country, and you’re hauling two suitcases and a hiking backpack on a public bus. Sometimes it’s just four or five blocks away, but the rent is way cheaper, and you are so broke. 

Let’s be completely honest here–moving can be a little exciting, but more often than not, it’s a complete pain in the ass. You get everything organized, and then there’s a random pile of stuff on your carpet; you have to clean beer off the windowsill from your roommate’s surprise kegger [no? maybe this is just me, then], and your landlord is probably not going to return your desposit, despite your meticulous cleaning. Oh, and if you live in Boston, it means that every single person is going to move on Sept. 1, and someone is going to get their truck stuck under the storrow bridge.

But even though I just listed all the bad stuff about moving–what fun is that?

Moving, be it down the street or across the world, is a welcome change. Every new bedroom, hallway, apartment, house, is a new, fresh start, a chance to see things a little differently, to set up your room differently. That new neighborhood is a new place to explore. There are unfamiliar reading spots, parks, coffee shops, waiting for you to discover them. It allows you to shake up your life, even just a little bit.

I moved last Monday, to a house on a busy street. It’s much smaller, and a tad dingier, than my last place. My room is tight, but it has white walls and tons of natural light–it’s begging for lots of plants and a new bedspread. And while it’s still close to downtown and .6 miles from the park I run in, there’s still new things to see and discover.

Not everyone moves all the time, I should add. Many of my friends, just graduated from college, still live at home–others still inhabit the apartment they got their senior year of college. But the editors who work here do move a lot, and I have a sneaking suspicion that has to do with our passion for travel, unfamiliarity, and our propensity for restlessness. And whether it’s to Spain or to Phoenix or just to Clark Street, I think we all have a lot more moving on our horizon.

Shannon is the managing editor of Atlas Addict. Catch her on instagram @rootsroads 

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