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City Guide | Dubrovnik, Croatia

By Emma Regulski


Fast facts

  • The Old Town is free of vehicular traffic
  • There are 5423 steps in Dubrovnik; 1080 steps on the city walls and 4353 within the city
  • In 1979, the city joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites
  • The walls of Dubrovnik run almost 2 km (1.24 mi) around the city.
  • The TV series Game of Thrones was partly filmed in the city



  • Fly into Dubrovnik Airport, which is 20km from Dubrovnik town
  • Buses from Dubrovnik to Old town are very regular, so don’t worry if you miss one!


Explore the charming streets of Old Town

Sail to Lokrum Island with swimwear. Explore the island and then swim in the miniature Dead Sea. Look out for tortoises and Peacocks!

Feast guilt free at Nishta, a vegan restaurant in Old Town. Try the freshly made ice tea to cool down

Take a Tour of the city, a variety are available from Game of Thrones to more traditional options

Admire the view with a drink from one the bars on the cities cliffs

Hike up the steps, don’t be deterred, lovely restaurants, shops and sites

Cruise to Mljet National park to take a dip in the beautiful salt lakes

Travel Tip: Walk the walls early in the morning or after 4pm to avoid the crush from the tourists from Cruises.


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