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Raleigh Local Haunts | Jubala Village Coffee

By Kate Klassa 

One of Raleigh’s staple independent coffeehouses, Jubala Village Coffee, is aimed at engaging with the local community and leaving a positive impact on the environment. Its original location in North Raleigh has garnered plenty of positive reviews and their new, second spot on Hillsborough Street promises to be a favourite with the nearby college crowd.

The founder of Jubala strongly believes in cultivating local culture, so the cafes have a variety of seating options – from bar-style to individual booths to long, meeting-friendly tables – to encourage using Jubala as a place for the community to come together. All of the coffee is from Counter Culture, a Durham-based company that sources its beans from sustainable farms that maintain peak freshness and flavour, and the quality of the coffee speaks to the condition of the beans.

Their coffee menu offers a satisfying assortment of espresso options, including a sweet flat white and an almond latte with housemade syrup that tastes like the holiday season in a mug. Jubala also has a food menu that offers a short selection of breakfast items – biscuits and waffles – and sandwiches for lunch, all of which are fantastic (the biscuits with apple butter are a personal favourite).

To learn more, check out Jubala Village Coffee’s website.

Kate Klassa is the snapshots editor of Atlas Addict 

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