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Local Haunts | Frequency Coffee, London

By Mercedes Masters

Tucked away on a back road of King’s Cross, London, one can find the incredibly unassuming looking coffee shop, Frequency. Established just under a year ago, this coffee shop is already flourishing and due to word of mouth — specifically about their amazing coffee, and even better Nutella hot chocolate. 

Venturing in, I decided to see if the local whisperings were accurate. I was greeted by a warm welcome and the rich smell of freshly brewing coffee. The barista instantly recognised that I was a student — the heavy backpack probably gave it away — and quietly mentioned that there was student discount, immediately generating a sense of community and recognition. Students in London can sometimes get a ‘bum deal’ in artisan coffee shops like Frequency, but it was absolutely not the case in hand here.

I ordered myself a black coffee, and the friendly barista questioned me for specificities. Did I like my coffee strong? Yes, indeed I do. Would I prefer it like a thicker Italian-style coffee, or with more water? With more water please. Would you like it white, with soya or regular milk? Just black please.

I felt special and completely catered for. You really get a sense of how much they genuinely care about satisfying the customer in Frequency. The coffee tasted divine and homely. The warm sense of belonging was influenced by the quality and care gone into the coffee; the cosy, atmospheric interior; and the little chats between customers and baristas.

All in all, one of the loveliest coffee-shop experiences I have had in London, and, perhaps controversially, the world. A must visit for anyone wanting to get a taste of the best side London has to offer.

Frequency // 121 King’s Cross Rd, Kings Cross, London WC1X 9N // open m-f, 7am-7pm, sat. 8am-4pm, closed sun. 


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