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San Diego Local Haunts | Naked Cafe, Carlsbad

By Marla Rogers

Discovering a delightful new spot is made better when you find it somewhere unexpected– enter the Naked Cafe. It’s actually located in an outdoor shopping center in pretty Carlsbad, North County San Diego, with a lovely patio area perfect for people watching. Sadly, you can’t drink alcohol outside since it’s technically the center’s property and not the cafe‘s…but the interior was spacious and nicely decorated if you want to sample their mimosa menu!

There are five champagne-y options to choose from, including Naked Mimosa (fresh OJ), Mandarin Mimosa (mandarin orange + fresh OJ), Pink Lotus (lemonade + raspberry), Red With Envy (pomegranate + lemonade), and Amen (mandarin orange + grapefruit). Pictured are the Pink Lotus and Red With Envy, both of which were just beyond delicious.

As for the food, the Naked Cafe is vegetarian and offers lots of yummy and healthy options. This is the Green and Red Pagoda (two over-easy eggs served on rosemary toast with pesto, soy sausage, artichoke hearts & sun-dried tomato topped with avocado and served with mixed baby greens) and the Artichoke Scramble (eggs scrambled with artichoke hearts, cheese, green onions & tomatoes, served with rosemary potatoes & toast). Both were to die for, flavorful and energizing.

After filling up on a delicious, healthy meal and one (or more!) sparkling mimosas, you can shop around the cute boutiques or make your way to the seaside for a post-breakfast stroll.

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