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November | Kaleidoscope Season

November: a month of seasonal transition. In the South, the leaves are finally dying, gracing the ground with their kaleidoscopic presence. The air exhales its final few heavy-with-moisture breaths. The chunky-knit sweaters come out of their hiding places deep in dark closets. The hot, pepperminty drinks fog up round-rimmed glasses. The sun lazily comes up late in the morning, making it harder to get out of bed at a reasonable hour.
As the natural world prepares for winter, so also I prepare for the impending rush of the holiday season. A week from now, I’ll be on an airplane crossing the continents to reach the Eternal City, where Thanksgiving, in its rigid Americanness, will be spent jet-lagged in one of the birthplaces of modern Western culture. At the cost of giving up tradition, I’ll be trading in carved turkey for endless pasta, pumpkin pie for gelato, and full glasses of wine for… well, differently shaped glasses of wine. It’s a change in atmosphere that I’m more than ready and willing to make, and the next time you’ll see me I’ll be several dozen euros poorer, full of new memories from my favorite continent.
Kate is the snapshots editor of Atlas Addict. Catch her on instagram @bluejacketgirl.

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