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October | Traveler’s FOMO


Last month, it felt like everyone I knew was traveling around Europe. My parents went to Italy, Devinne moved to Spain, two of my best friends from exchange visited our old stomping grounds in Germany….I couldn’t go on Facebook or Instagram without seeing half a dozen photos of old buildings or Oktoberfest.

And it sucked.

It sucked because I worked six days a week, a lot of 12, 13 hour days. It sucked because my plans for a weekend escape with friends were ruined by a snowstorm. It sucked because I love those people and they deserve to be traveling, more than anyone I know, but I was still lowkey jealous of them. I had a bad case of traveler’s FOMO, or fear of missing out.

I miss the days when I lived in Germany and spent my weekends in foreign countries. I miss bus rides to New York City and days in Boston. I miss living out of a suitcase, the challenge of speaking German or Spanish, wandering unfamiliar streets, seeing great art–even overnight buses. I miss overnight buses!

But life ebbs + flows. There will be times of travel, years of adventures, and there will be times like right now–working hard, being broke, exploring your backyard instead of exotic locations.

It’s okay to be frustrated, to be bored, but I’m trying to remember to stay in the moment. Sure, there are no big trips on my horizon–but there are fall hikes, a weekend on my friend’s family ranch, crisp morning runs [if the snow goes away, that is] and nights at the bars in this upcoming month. I have a beautiful life, here, and there’s no use in wishing I was somewhere else.

shannon is the managing editor of Atlas Addict Quarterly. catch her on instagram @rootsroads. 



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