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Travel Guide | Taiwan

I went to Taiwan for a month so I squeezed quite a during in during my time there and visited pretty much the whole of Taiwan because it’s a small island. However my top places to visit are: – Taipei 101 // this is a beautiful skyscraper that used to be the tallest building in the  ...

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Reading List

Reading List | The Refugees

By Kate Klassa  A well crafted collection of short stories is a powerful thing, and Nguyen has proven himself a wielder of this power with his newest book. The Refugees is a politically-timely collection of stories that covers twenty years of tales about immigration, family, and identity.  ...

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City Guide, Europe

City Guide | Split, Croatia

As part of Atlas Addict Quarterly’s new website, we are re-releasing all of our travel + city guides–first on our list is an overall favorite, Emma’s gorgeous guide for Split, Croatia. Thanks for reading!  Fast Facts Second largest city in Croatia with a population of 178,000  ...

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