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Mini Guide | Pérouges, France

As part of Atlas Addict Quarterly’s new website, we are re-releasing all of our travel + city guides–today’s is a mini guide for a small commune near Lyon, France–perfect for a day trip. Enjoy! 

By Alice Jean

fast facts // 

Pérouges is a small commune, a medieval walled town, located 19 miles northeast of Lyon, France, with a population slightly over 1,000.

visit // 

This medieval town has so much to offer, just spending the day there makes you realize how people used to live, as not much in the village has changed. It also offers beautiful views of surrounding cities.

eat // 

“Galettes au sucre” are the one special delicacy from this small village, using a recipe from the 19th century, that still hasn’t been changed. They are a sweet buttery pastry that taste really great. You can have slices when you sit for a drink, or just take a whole one home!
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