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City Guide | Rio de Janeiro

As part of Atlas Addict Quarterly’s new website, we are re-releasing all of our travel + city guides–today’s is a city guide for the vibrant and colorful metropolis of Rio de Janeiro.

By Mischa Lorenz

fast facts // 

  • second most populous city in Brazil
  • designated a UNESCO world heritage spot in 2012
  • one of the most visited cities in South America
  • primary language is portuguese; currency is the Brazilian real

transportation // 

  • most international flights arrive at Galeão-Antônio Carlos Jobim International Airport
  • while Rio has three different subway lines, buses are the main form of transportation

recommendations // 

  • Visit one of the countless Sucos Bars (Juice Bars) – You can find them on every Corner in Rio and drink an “Acai com granola apache”. It’s a smoothie made out of Acai berries with muesli. Believe me– It is the best thing you will ever eat, period.

  • See Rio from the Cristo Redentor Statue. It’s the best view you can get and you ride up the mountain by a small train through the jungle, which is an experience in itself.

  • Carnival–join a bloco [street bands that mobilize crowds on the streets and are the main popular expression of Brazilian Carnival] and celebrate for hours with live music, great people and passion.

The most important recommendation: Feel Free. Just go with the flow of the country. 

Mischa Lorenz  is a German photographer specialized in travel and documentary photography. Check out his website or tumblr. 



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