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Devinne | The Traveler’s New Year Resolutions

It’s the third week of December, and with each passing hour, the end of a wild and tumultuous year draws nearer. For many of us, this is a welcome event: 2016 was goddamn rough. Difficult, disappointing, and at times downright scary, the past 365 days have tested us in every way imaginable, and I’m certain that I’m not the only one who is desperately looking forward to a fast-approaching new year and a fresh start.

For all my fellow travelers out there, a new year also means a new role for us to play in our global community. In fact, I believe that now is the most important time to be a traveler. 2016 showed us the rifts in our countries and communities, and it showed us that they ran deep. But who better than a traveler to bridge the gap between divides? It’s time to move forward to a place of positivity, of understanding. And if there is one thing we travelers are good at, it’s moving. It’s time to say adieu to 2016 and hello to all the goals we will achieve this new year. For every traveler, here are the ten New Year’s resolutions we should all add to our lists:

  1. I will visit that place that I’ve been dreaming about.


We all have that one destination, that single place that has been at the top of our travel bucket list for ages and somehow we always find a reason to postpone. Not enough time, not enough money, not ready…Not this year. Go to your dream place. Let it inspire you. This is the year you make it a habit to chase those dreams.


  1. I will try new activities, even if they scare me

Is there a hobby or sport or activity you’ve always wanted to try? For all you aspiring painters and mountaineers and scuba-diving, guitar-playing dancers, 2017 is your year. Dive headfirst into the activity you’ve always wanted to try; this is a year to discover a new passion, and add another dimension to your travels.


  1.   I will de-clutter my home

Most of us are guilty of holding onto more material things than we should for longer than is necessary. This year, get rid of all the stuff that is weighing you down. Create space. Space is good– it gives your dreams and ideas room to flow.

  1. I will explore more locally

Too often we take the places close to home for granted. When we can’t be out traveling the world’s most exciting and exotic locations, that doesn’t mean we can’t have an adventure! Find a new favorite cafe or a beautiful spot to watch the sunrise. Learn to appreciate the beauty in the familiar places and your travels will be richer for it.


  1. I will be open and kind to people I meet on the road

As travelers, we know that our neighbors are global and our friendships transcend borders. This is the message that more of the world needs to hear. Connect with people. Laugh and cry and create memories with them. Don’t let the hate and fear in the world turn you against your neighbor. Spread your light and kindness everywhere your feet carry you this year– we could all use a little extra lovin’.
6. I will be present in my daily travels and adventures

Conscious traveling is the name of the game. Let places move you as you move through them. Be aware of your role as a traveler, and respectful of the cultures, people, and places you experience. Pay attention to how they change you, and how you change them– that’s what this whole travel thing is really about.


  1. I will start that big project that has been on my to-do list

Let 2017 be remembered as the year you got shit done. Have a big project that’s been looming over your shoulder for a while now? Start the year off right by tackling it right off the blocks. This is a year to be productive and make headway on all those big projects and long-term goals.


  1. I will take care of myself

Repeat: I will make my own health and wellness a priority this year. Every single day, and with every decision you make, remind yourself of this. A plane ticket can bring you far but good health can take you further, so this year put yourself first. Be the best, healthiest you that you can be while you’re out there exploring.


  1. I will leave each new place better than I found it

This means both physically and figuratively: treat the places you visit with respect. Don’t be wasteful, clean up after yourself, and aim to leave each place a little happier and brighter for you having been there.


  1. I will share my thoughts and experiences

Have you ever thought about the impact your travels create? They may change you, sure, but they also change the places you visit, and the people you interact with. We’re making 2017 the year of positive-impact travel, and we want to hear about your experiences! Write about it, share pictures, chat with anyone who will listen. Inspire people to travel and change the world with their dreams–in this new year and in every one to follow.

Devinne is the engagement editor for Atlas Addict Quarterly

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