Stories from the Road

Stories From the Road | July

After five months of staying almost solely in Raleigh, alternating spending my days between working a part time internship, filling out job applications, and exploring my home county, I’m back on the road again — literally, driving my little black Camry with a broken door handle up and down Interstate 395 every day. I’ve moved up to Washington DC for the time being, my plans lasting only until August. I live with my friend’s grandparents and I split my days between two jobs, two forms of myself: one, the young professional working as a communications and marketing intern at a large nonprofit, and the other, a barista with years of experience. The first, the self I’m striving more to be, the second, the comfortable self I’ve lived in for five years.

I’ve taken the plunge into big city living, picking up on DC terms and emotions — to DC locals, the weather is always humid, a commute from Richmond is to be pitied, the Red Line is the worst, Ronald Reagan National Airport is simply “National,” language immersion schools are a top priority, and tourists are, quite simply, the worst. It’s strange to live in a city that I’m thinking of making my own, but am still undecided about; come August, I’ll have to decide to take a full time job here or move back Raleigh or somewhere else entirely. It’s difficult deciding whether to put down roots somewhere I may only be a few months, and yet I don’t want to keep treating my time like that of a staycationer. Every time the city feels overwhelming, I remember that Mannheim did too, and Raleigh before that, until I took the time to walk the streets and immerse myself in the city, and each time I was able to make it a place of comfort within a few weeks.

And so I continue to contemplate to my conundrum, voiced perfectly through the wise words of the The Clash: Should I stay or should I go?


Kate Klassa is the snapshots editor of Atlas Addict Quarterly. Catch her on instagram @bluejacketgirl.

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