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Stories from the Road | A Fling with Fife

By Nancy Wilde

My fling with Scotland has no expiry date and St Andrews is a pretty good reason. From the Scots to the scotch, from the Nature to the History, from the landscape to the heritage… This is a place your soul will long for eternally.

Golf culture aside, St Andrews is a lovely small town rich in medieval ruins, streets filled with cosy coffee shops and embellished by a sandy coastline. Quietly quaint pedestrian paths eventually lead you to sheltered, intimate pubs. When the weather is dreary and the temperature freezing, can you think of anything more inviting and welcoming than having wee dram after wee dram at the bar of an adorably shabby (without the chic) public house?

Neglecting the idyllic outdoors for 45 minutes is, when in Scotland, always a good idea. Several drinks later, you go outside and inhale the windy breeze that brings you the smell of this seaside gem.

I can’t wait to go back there in the mild days of Summer. If you find yourself in this picturesque Scottish gem of a town, don’t miss Aikman’s (delicious paninis, infinite whisky and cider collection and a manager who looks just like Jeremy Irons only with a Scottish accent), the Castle and Cathedral ruins by the sea and of course, there’s this peaceful foothpath called Lade Braes Walk to increase your levels of inspiration and tranquility.

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