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Travel Guide | Taiwan

I went to Taiwan for a month so I squeezed quite a during in during my time there and visited pretty much the whole of Taiwan because it’s a small island. However my top places to visit are:

Taipei 101 // this is a beautiful skyscraper that used to be the tallest building in the world. i 100% recommend going up to the 90th floor and watching the sunset. although i didn’t get to watch the sun set, i did manage to go during the night which was INCREDIBLE and so breathtaking i actually forgot I hadn’t eaten since the morning! If you wanted to you could bring a picnic, go there during sunrise and go home when the sun sets. don’t worry if you get hungry though because they sell ice cream and more!

dan shui // located on the coast, it’s breathtaking being surrounded by beautiful scenery. this is also a place great for sunsets which i got the chance to experience- it was bliss even though it rained pretty much the whole time. you can rent a bike for the day which is a bargain and it’s a great way to explore the place. there’s lots of food shops located everywhere so there’ll always be a chance for food stops (it’s also famous for it’s 30cm ice creams which is definitely an experience everyone should try out)

night markets // if you ever go to taiwan, a place that everyone must go to at least once during their trip is to a night market. think cheap food (i mean seriously cheap and equally as delicious), cute stationary, hand made goods, arcades and everything you can think of. if you don’t like being in tight spaces then this isn’t the place for you as there are so many people trying to walk/talk/eat/look at everything but i do assure you that you will forget about it once you eat your life away. warning: you’ll end up with a satisfied belly probably a hand full of goodies.

to eat //

My favourite foods to eat are the shaved ice with mangos and strawberries ( definitely didn’t have enough of that goodness), fried chicken, fried squids and the bubble tea is a must!

 ​If you go there in the summer, never leave the accommodation without a fan and water spray, you’ll thank me later.  oh yeah and mosquito spray is a must if you ever go to the mountains.

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